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The Story of Punky Brewster

Punky (her real name was Penelope Brewster, but she rather to be called as "Punky") was a little girl who was abandoned first by her father, then she lived only with her mother (Susan Brewster). One day, they were at the shopping center, and her mother went in, but she never came back. Punky and her little puppy (Brandon) were alone in the citty of Chicago until she found and empty apartment in a building were lived this grumpy old man (Henry Warnimont). In the first two weeks she found a new friend in this apartment, Cherie Johnson, who later became her best friend. She gave her food during this time. Henry and Betty heard strange noises in that apartment, so they were wondering what that noise will be. Henry, one day saw Cherie in the apartment so he went in to check, and he found Punky. Henry took Punky to his apartment and asked her about her parents, about why she wasn't at home; and then she tells the story. So he tries to find Punky's mother, but in the mean time he was going to sent her to a place called "Fenster Hall". Punky wasn't happy with that idea because she wanted to stay with him, so she ran away from the apartment. Henry went out during the rain looking for her, but he didn't find her, went he get back to his apartment she was in it, anyway, Punky staid in his apartment and spent the night there. The next morning a social worker lady from Fenster Hall came in to visit and asked Punky a few questions about her mother and everything related to what happened to her. Later she was entering to the Fenster Hall and found new friends in that place, and she staid there for a while. Punky wanted to stay with Henry so she ran away from Fenster Hall with a help of her friends she made there, mean while Henry was talking to the social worker trying to convince her that he will adopt Punky and become her foster parent, but the problem was that the people of Fenster Hall didn't think that Henry was qualified to adopt Punky because of his age. When Punky came home, the social worker were still there and not to convince Henry been her foster parent. Henry talked to Punky and said to her that maybe she will be better with younger foster parents than with him, but Punky wanted stay with him. So Punky wrote a goodbye letter to him.


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